"Learn how to read like a writer. Take prose a little bit slower and be a bit more conscious and self-aware of it. And, when you have a reaction to something, when something makes you happy or sad, stop and go back, and try to see how the author made that happen."

Stephanie Perkins’ advice to aspiring writers at the Manila meet-and-greet (via youarethesentinels)


In which William Haynes is spot on.

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An ode to Sebastian Stan reacting to Anthony Mackie opening his mouth and saying words.

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i’m all for boys wearing makeup mostly because if more of them got into it there’d be a bigger market and it wouldn’t cost $25 for an eyeshadow primer anymore

i can’t wait to go into the makeup aisle to get the latest man-color of guyshadow that comes in containers shaped like bullets and footballs

"Bruh I just went to sephora and got the sickest shade of eyeshadow"
"Sick dude what’s it called"
"Monster truck gas fumes"

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Improved the Hawkeye poster for Avengers 2.


justin hofman photographs a southern right whale and her calf in the protected warm breeding and birthing waters off argentina’s peninsula valdez.

"i had the opportunity to dive with a few whales and it changed me forever," hofman said. "being in the water with a whale is the most humbling experience i’ve ever had underwater."

the whales are powerful, and hofman, weary of the mother becoming defensive around her calf, kept his distance. but as time went on, the whales, who are actually quite gentle and inquisitive, eventually approached him.

hofman notes that despite what many have assumed, the first image is a single photo and not a composite of two.

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Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain (2001)
dir. Jean-Pierre Jeunet

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